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I actually want to throw up. Like literally up chuck. 

Nice mental image I know, you are very welcome.  Good lord this mornings class killed, don’t know if it was the bad nights sleep or just a thing.

It was definitely a heart gargler, in fact I think my heart is still currently beating somewhere behind my eyeballs. Nope darling that’s not love in my eyes it’s my actual physical heart.

Collette was teaching the class she’s the coach who last week gave me some fantastic tips on my clean and snatch. Today she did the same with rowing. I pretty much had been thrashing about, lots of movement very little progress. A little like when the kids help with the house work. Huge amounts of noise and momentum yet at the end f**k all seems to have been achieved. She showed how to go from toe to heel and keep the handle close to my legs on the return, not bending till the handle is past my knees. The subconscious co-ordination is not quite there yet but I know what I’m aiming for now. I think I learn far better through verbal instructions than anything else. Perhaps because I’m a touch academically inclined, words feel comfortable.  

The actual workout was juicy little torture session consisting 4 rounds of :-

400 m run/row

5 burpees (ring rows in my case)

20 Kettlebell swings (I started at 14 and dropped to 12 for the last set)

3 wall walks

12 v- ups (actually don’t mind these as they are pretty much a yoga asana called navasana)

10 deadlifts my first set were at 20 kg after that 25. I probably actually should have gone to 30.

Now I need to try and find the will to move in order to cook lunch for the kids then take them out this afternoon.  

Then tonight I get to teach yoga at the world’s best little crossfit box. It will be fun to go there and do something I’m actually good at 😂