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Books books and more books

Pretty much all my time aside from essential things like work and making sure the kids don’t starve to death is spent revising currently. My GDL law exams are in under two weeks, my application for an LLM in Commercial Law is in, I just need to pass these darn exams.

Of course I did make it to the gym a little day, would be unthinkable otherwise. It stops me from seizing up through sitting too long. It wasn’t a major workout just 30 mins Ashtanga yoga followed by a barbell hang power clean, power clean, front squat and upright row complex x 8. Enough to feel like I moved today.

Charlotte made it into school yesterday morning but was too worn out today. She will be in for the morning tomorrow. It will take a while I think to build her back up.

Back again 

I haven’t posted in months, the Cowden syndrome diagnosis in my daughter  was such a shock I didn’t have words. Ive kept up crossfit though throughout all of this, pretty consistently really. 

Anyway progress numbers, since I started blogging in August 

Back Squat was 30kg now 65kg 1rm

Deadlift was 30kg now 77kg 1rm

Strict press was 20kg now 30kg 1rm

So definite progress, I have torn the meniscus in right knee which is problematic and I’m focusing a lot on yoga to help with it. 

Study wise I’m almost at the end of my graduate law diploma, my exams are the end of May so a huge amount of my time is focused on that. 

My daughter is still recovering from everything she’s been through, it was such a lot for someone so young. She is very unwell, exhausted, anxious and catches every bug going. I wish I could do something to help her. 

Cowden syndrome 

My daughters genetic results came back and she has cowden syndrome.  I’m devastated for her, I just don’t have words for it.

I’ve still been getting to the gym. Its just about the only time I don’t feel like crying. I’m so glad I have a programme so I can be there on my own and not have to communicate with people, that stupid “how are you?” “oh I’m good” because no one actually wants to know that my heart hurts so fucking much I could physically throw up. 

The actual programme is 3 days with the option of a 4th

Day one :-Strict press 

                    upright row

                    triceps dips

                    bicep curls 

Day two:- deadlifts 

                     front squats

                     walking lunges

                     air squats

Day three :- back squat

                        stiff leg deadlift

                         hanging knee raises

                         plank 4 x for up to 90 sec

Day four :- same as day one but push press

Today was day two, the early part of the week was appointments. It was the right thing to go today, to physically move but God I wish I had the equipment at home, I just can’t face other humans when I feel like my heart is breaking 


I love and hate goals. I constantly have short term goals and long term goals running. Hitting a target feels amazing, of course the flipside is that missing a target can be really defeating.

At the moment my goals are two fold. 

1) Get really fit through crossfit by attending Real Fitness 4 x a week, 3 minimum.

2) Finish my Graduate diploma in law, I’ve had to delay this year a few times when my daughter has been very ill.

Of course on top of this are the normal day to day necessities, looking after the house, kids and their various needs from clubs, homework to simply having mummy time. Helping my parents when they need it. Maintaining a yoga practice,  keep up with teaching my classes and deliver good solid lessons.

Not much then 😂

My weekly targets are easy to pull from the above. Of course the family, work list is every week. On top of that it’s the 4 crossfit sessions a week and completing that weeks study on time and thoroughly.

I nearly had a bit of a meltdown over that this week as by Friday I was behind and shattered.  Thankfully today I caught up with study and yesterday I hit my 4 th crossfit session.

Study to be honest was way easier than crossfit, “equity and trusts? Heck course I understand that, some weird clean, squat over head press, squat, over head press combo? Arrrgghh”

Pretty much crossfit was a bit of a wash out. I still don’t feel like I’m getting fitter. I probably am but I don’t feel it. I do enjoy the doing though so I will keep chipping away and see where I get. 

CrossFit this week

I’ve been a little rubbish updating the crossyfits. It’s been one of those weeks! My daughter went on a sleepover a week ago and brought home headlice plus the cats who have spent more and more time outside with the lovely weather brought home fleas. Awesomeness. Anyway this meant cleaning and hoovering the house top to bottom, boil washing the beds, treating the pets and de-licing the kids. Joy. All is done now and we are critter free aside from the resident spider in the corner.

I still did get to crossfit even with all the weeks extra fun. 

Monday was a PT session with Matt working on back squats and supportive exercises. My heaviest comfortable back squat was 37.5 kg I did try a few at 40 but couldn’t get as low as I should especially not on the last couple.

Today was a group class with front squats 7 x 3 plus 5 air squats. I used 30 kg which I was quite happy with. The WOD was a mess for me, it was simple

35 ground to overhead press

35 bar over burpees 

Each minute 10 kettle bell swings

I started with 20kg but had to strip the bar 10 in! So just 15kg

Sometimes I feel like it’s two steps forward one step back.


I went to crossfit this morning, a front squat session followed by wall balls and rowing. I used 25kg, all was good. Then 1.05 pm lightening flashes across my right eye. It continues to flash for minutes, a sure migraine sign. Cue a run around town looking for sumatriptan. This was followed by a PT session, boy was I useless. Now I’m broken and exhausted and my head kills. 

Rather long day

My daughters appointment was 9.40, we made it home for 2.20. No ones fault these clinics are very busy and the staff are simply trying their best. My girl is doing well, there seems to be nothing to worry about at the moment and we aren’t now due back till November. They also took blood for this terrifying genetic disorder test. 

I rushed to crossfit for 2.30 Matt very kindly fitted me in and boy did I need to move after most of the day sat down. He threw front squats at me which was a new one. Fun though as I could squat all the way down thanks to yoga. I only used 25 kg though. Then straight leg deadlifts, my last set was 45kg.