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Week one back at uni

And wow I’m tired today. So I am back at uni to finish a graduate diploma in law, it’s technically a part time course but that still means at least 20 hours a week. I genuinely love it but with 3 kids, part time teaching and training 4 times a week it’s gonna be a hell of a year 

Crossfit wise I’ve maintained 3 to 4 times a week since I last posted. Not actually sure if I’m getting fitter or stronger as every class still feels like a bloody struggle. This mornings, long wod of wall balls, row, kb swings, burpees that went on for half an hour was a killer and I modified some stuff as my son knackered my elbow showing me self defence moves he learned. That said I was hill walking at the weekend with my family and the hills felt like a comfortable walk. So I guess it’s paying dividends outside of class. I’m also feeling thinner and firmer. 

All my kids are back at school or college including my daughter who had cancer. It’s really lovely hearing her talk about normal stuff.

Right best read a law book!

Puppy walks 

Jaspers immunisations are all sorted now so he was allowed out walking! Hurrah!

His first walk was a Potter near the house, the next day a big adventure to the beach. DID NOT LIKE beach!

“Urgh, sand and water! Will you carry me please?”

Today was the woods. “Oh. My. God. How wonderful is this place? Can we come every day and bring the other two friends as well (my mums dogs)”

“I especially like the big Wolf one.”

Wood walk, yoga and oncologists

As I wasn’t crossfitting today husband and I went to the woods for a walk together.

 This was followed by a restorative Ashtanga primary :- long holds, jump backs only between asana groups.
Don’t have much more to say really as tomorrow is a check up with the oncologist for my daughter.  She’s having genetic screening done as well for Cowdens. I will talk about that another time. She’s really scared and cried herself to sleep on me. I hate her going through all this. She’s only 11, it’s seriously not fair. Life is a wanker sometimes.