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CrossFit this week

I’ve been a little rubbish updating the crossyfits. It’s been one of those weeks! My daughter went on a sleepover a week ago and brought home headlice plus the cats who have spent more and more time outside with the lovely weather brought home fleas. Awesomeness. Anyway this meant cleaning and hoovering the house top to bottom, boil washing the beds, treating the pets and de-licing the kids. Joy. All is done now and we are critter free aside from the resident spider in the corner.

I still did get to crossfit even with all the weeks extra fun. 

Monday was a PT session with Matt working on back squats and supportive exercises. My heaviest comfortable back squat was 37.5 kg I did try a few at 40 but couldn’t get as low as I should especially not on the last couple.

Today was a group class with front squats 7 x 3 plus 5 air squats. I used 30 kg which I was quite happy with. The WOD was a mess for me, it was simple

35 ground to overhead press

35 bar over burpees 

Each minute 10 kettle bell swings

I started with 20kg but had to strip the bar 10 in! So just 15kg

Sometimes I feel like it’s two steps forward one step back.

Rather long day

My daughters appointment was 9.40, we made it home for 2.20. No ones fault these clinics are very busy and the staff are simply trying their best. My girl is doing well, there seems to be nothing to worry about at the moment and we aren’t now due back till November. They also took blood for this terrifying genetic disorder test. 

I rushed to crossfit for 2.30 Matt very kindly fitted me in and boy did I need to move after most of the day sat down. He threw front squats at me which was a new one. Fun though as I could squat all the way down thanks to yoga. I only used 25 kg though. Then straight leg deadlifts, my last set was 45kg.

Well that was better than this morning plus gratuitous cute puppy photos 

At 12 I had a PT session with Matt, my son J came with me. We were working on weighted squats and straight leg deadlifts. After a warm up and warm up squats it was 5 x 5 squats resting in between. When I first started I could just about squat a bar. Today 35 kg felt comfortable and a 40 kg deadlift. So my yoga may be suffering but my strength is improving.  My son J did awesome work with his squats too.

Now some gratuitous puppy shots 

Looong day

I planned a fairly quiet day as I’m feeling very hormonaly lethargic. The plan was teach Pilates this morning then head off to Real Fitness for a PT session, cook the boys lunch and have a quiet afternoon with the puppy. However a phone call from the camp before I left for work rather shifted the day. My daughter was away at a camp on Holy Island and really wanted to come home. The organisers said I could talk to her at one and see what she wanted to do. When I phoned she was miserable and wanted to come home. So a daughter collection was thrown into the mix, followed by taking her to spend the spending money she would have spent had she stayed (if that makes sense). Followed by cooking then taking poor neglected puppy out for a walk in his fancy bag (disclaimer the boys had played with him during the day he hadn’t been totally abandoned).

So now it’s 9pm and I’ve sat down for the first time. Phew!

The PT session with Matt was great especially considering how unmotivated I felt today. We were working on squats and suprisingly I found the 30kg I had initially found impossible a couple of weeks ago to stand up from actually quite manageable. Perhaps progress is being made.

Anyway I’m off to cuddle a daughter and snuggle a puppy. Have a great Monday. 

Actual Crossfit and puppy news


Today was a PT session with Matt working on squats. My leg strength is not great, possibly because I was born with femoral antiversion (bone structure not muscular) which means my legs work slightly differently. What to you is a slight outward rotation of the knee to me is an extreme rotation. I also realised I don’t naturally engage with the inner line of my leg. For me this appears to be key, to consciously lift up and engage from the inside arch right to the inner thigh. In the same as you would in virabhadrasana to stop the back leg from collapsing. This seemed to help and Matt certainly thought my form with 30kg was better than the last time. Unless of course he was being kind! I was able to actually get back up again which is always a good thing. Last week it was as if my legs just went “nope”. Unfortunately I was a sweaty mess, I’m a redhead, typical pale skin etc. I don’t fair well in heat and good lord today was hot. 

Puppy news 

Puppy Jasper continues to be fabulous. He loves everyone and everything, mostly poops in the garden and had a really exciting adventure where our youngest cat very nearly played with him. The very nearly was enough for woofs and bounces of delight. Which kinda put the cat off. Ah well there’s always tomorrow. He also saw mummy cross when largest human child decided to play badminton 2 inches from his head in the garden. I really would rather my dog wasn’t decapitated by an 19 year arsing around with a racquet in the garden and expressed colourfully my opinions on the matter. 

Squat snatch

Twas Olympic weightlifting tonight. I was very tempted to not go as I’m not great in the evening. Once I’ve fed the kids and other animals that live in this small zoo I call home I tend to want to have a bath and collapse. 

I know I enjoy it though, so I pulled myself up by metaphorical bootstraps and went along. It was a small group which is great in some ways but also means no hiding! I swear each and everytime I made a mistake he spotted it. The lift we were practicing was the squat snatch, now as you know from other posts my squat ain’t that awesome. My snatch is pretty alright though (not that kind sheesh). I stayed with a low weight at just 25 kg so I could think about what I was doing and get some level of technique. I think by the end I was close to getting it. I realise it will take a while to be really comfortable with these movements but in the meantime I’m loving it anyway.