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Poorly sick 

My husband works away, currently in Switzerland. This is not only generally a pain but also sometimes means he brings home exciting viruses. This he did last weekend and felt proper poorly. Now I have been felled with this Swiss/German cold and feel really rather lousy to be honest. So no CrossFit for me since Wednesday, or anything else non essential for that matter.

I’m trying really hard not to pass it on to the kids by obsessively hand washing and sneezing with my mouth closed. I swear I nearly lost an eyeball earlier. Speaking of which I’ve been sneezing so much my rib cage actually hurts, it hurts nearly as much as a time I bruised my ribs. Stoopid Swiss cold!

Rest days

Ok so I’m still wiped out with this migraine which means I’m taking a couple of days out of training. Thankfully I’m only teaching once today. Not going to class and hitting my commitment of 4 sessions a week makes me somewhat anxious. When I set a schedule I’m pretty determined to stick to it. If I don’t it feels a lot like failing.

Plus I’m not sure I am seeing any results as yet, I don’t feel any fitter at all and workouts never seem easier. Missing workouts just feels like getting fitter will take even longer. But as leaving the sofa feels like a challenge I don’t think I have a choice. 

I’m sure I will be glad I made this decision next week though. 

Chickened out

My daughter has a check up with her oncologist on Monday so I won’t be able to make my usual Monday PT session.  I should go to crossfit tomorrow instead but I literally can’t face it. The guy who teaches the Sunday am is great but I find it to be the most brutal class of the week. When I went last week I literally felt ill by the end of it and didn’t feel right for a couple of hours after. By the time I’d done my legs day on Monday I couldn’t sleep that night as my arse hurt so much. It was like it was bruised!

The big problem really is I only see my husband at the weekend as he works away and I’m seriously not keen on spending a good chunk of Sunday feeling like I’ve been run over. It’s not the kind of class that would be easy to scale either. Perhaps when I’m somewhat fitter Sundays will be a good slot. But that is something I think I need to build to!

This week though I am chickening out and enjoying a Sunday without wanting to throw up.

First yoga practice with puppy!

I was going to go to crossfit but really wanted make that needed a decent yoga practice. Since we got Jasper I’ve practiced upstairs in the bedroom next to the bed. Which is really rather cramped. So I decided it was about time puppy learned to yoga.

I practiced a restorative primary series. Which was fun with puppy. Downward dog involved “got your ear, got your hair, got ear…KISSSSSSEEESSSS” and repeat. Jumping back was a strategy in not kicking puppy. Then his bed was dragged onto the mat 

Then it was outside for ten minutes to play with kids followed by running in to show me how wet he was

Asana wise it was way better than Monday. Monday I was recovering from Sundays crossfit and boy was I sore. Today forward bends felt delicious. My lotus and twists and shocking but they will return and generally it felt fantastic to properly stretch out. I need to practice the day after a recovery day more often as it’s great to bend when I’m not actually sore.

 Judge not lest thee be smacked in the face by an irate mother.

Today was a crossfit rest day which made it a great day to borrow my mums dogs and head to the beach. I’m not working a great deal as I’m home schooling my daughter while she recovers from cancer. As part of that I’m trying to build her back up physically. No better way than strolling with pups especially along one of the most beautiful areas of coastline in the UK.

Oh but if only ever person we bumped into didn’t ask why she was off school, which is not too bad. The ones who really irritate me are the ones who talk amongst themselves about her absence from school, filled with tuts. Sheesh judgey much? 
Idiots aside it was a lovely walk followed by various not as interesting errands.

On a totally different note my mp3 player threw this tune at me at the way home. Forgot how much I loved this song and wow how gorgeous was this man! 

Adam Ant You’re Wonderful