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Cowden syndromeĀ 

My daughters genetic results came back and she has cowden syndrome.  I’m devastated for her, I just don’t have words for it.

I’ve still been getting to the gym. Its just about the only time I don’t feel like crying. I’m so glad I have a programme so I can be there on my own and not have to communicate with people, that stupid “how are you?” “oh I’m good” because no one actually wants to know that my heart hurts so fucking much I could physically throw up. 

The actual programme is 3 days with the option of a 4th

Day one :-Strict press 

                    upright row

                    triceps dips

                    bicep curls 

Day two:- deadlifts 

                     front squats

                     walking lunges

                     air squats

Day three :- back squat

                        stiff leg deadlift

                         hanging knee raises

                         plank 4 x for up to 90 sec

Day four :- same as day one but push press

Today was day two, the early part of the week was appointments. It was the right thing to go today, to physically move but God I wish I had the equipment at home, I just can’t face other humans when I feel like my heart is breaking 

1 rep max

Just a quick post today as I have decorating to do before teaching Pilates later. 

This morning was a 7am class, which meant getting up at 6am…6am!! Silly time in the morning. Anyway my 14 year old son came with me as he quite fancies the idea of being a super teen.

The focus today was finding out what our 1 rep max push press (or knee bendy over head push as I call it) was. Followed by a push press wod. My one rep push press was 35kilo. Which isn’t too bad. Far from super woman. But look at it this way, an extra 2.5 kilo a month would be another 30 kilo in a year. I think that’s achieveable don’t you?