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Books books and more books

Pretty much all my time aside from essential things like work and making sure the kids don’t starve to death is spent revising currently. My GDL law exams are in under two weeks, my application for an LLM in Commercial Law is in, I just need to pass these darn exams.

Of course I did make it to the gym a little day, would be unthinkable otherwise. It stops me from seizing up through sitting too long. It wasn’t a major workout just 30 mins Ashtanga yoga followed by a barbell hang power clean, power clean, front squat and upright row complex x 8. Enough to feel like I moved today.

Charlotte made it into school yesterday morning but was too worn out today. She will be in for the morning tomorrow. It will take a while I think to build her back up.

Just a quickie

PT session today:-

Bench press 27.5 kg 

Upright row 25 kg

Both of which felt really quite ok though there is a weakness in my right wrist that I need to be aware of as my right arm lags.

Then some Olympic weightlifting technique that I pretty much fluffed. Ah I’m still a beginner 😀

Well that was better than this morning plus gratuitous cute puppy photos 

At 12 I had a PT session with Matt, my son J came with me. We were working on weighted squats and straight leg deadlifts. After a warm up and warm up squats it was 5 x 5 squats resting in between. When I first started I could just about squat a bar. Today 35 kg felt comfortable and a 40 kg deadlift. So my yoga may be suffering but my strength is improving.  My son J did awesome work with his squats too.

Now some gratuitous puppy shots 

You know that Walking dead show

That’s me today that is

So tired 😴 I just can’t even. Yup that was the end of the sentence, I can’t even anything. 

So CrossFit was a PT session. I went we did stuff, it was stuff like. Dragged my carcass around the rest of the day it was carcass like. Should have been Olympic weightlifting tonight I decided that the group would fare better without the little ray of screw this and let me sleep shine that I am.

Now all I want to do is sleeeeep. Oh please all that is good and kind let all the children and beasties that live in my house go to sleep really, really early. Oh please. 

Puppy is still cute though 🐶 

On the minute

Who came up with the on the minute WOD evil bastard that they are.

Once again I forgot to photograph the board but it went:-

6 clean press

6 burpees + 6 half burpee thingies I can’t remember the name of

200 m row 

45 sec plank

This was done in many rounds for basically an eternity. I couldn’t breathe by the end of it! But I’m sure twas awesome good for me.

What was amazingly helpful was the time our coach Collette spent on breaking down the clean and jerk (I think it’s called, maybe not. Are you impressed with my knowledge) anyway I mean the getting the bar off the ground onto the front of chest thingy before pressing it up. She broke it down beautifully which was great as I have been struggling with that at Olympic weightlifting. 
As an apology for forgetting to photograph the board here’s a picture of the cat playing with the puppy.

Too tired to anything 

Friday was a PT session in the morning followed by Olympic weightlifting in the evening. I forgot to blog because I’m super premenstrual and so damn tired. Like today all I want to do is lie down, just getting out of the bath a moment ago was exhausting. Of course with a household of people and animals to look after an easy day wasn’t happening in a hurry. 

Anyway short version, CrossFit was good friday. No CrossFit sat or sun. I’m tired, having time with puppy now while eating ice-cream. Talk later when brain worky.

God damn you progesterone.