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Today in songs

I think in songs, I always have done. These are the three going round my mind today :-

Andy Black – We don’t have to dance.

It’s the “this is hell literal hell” line that’s stuck in my mind

Twenty one pilots – Stressed out

“wish I could turn back time to the good old days”

Yup I would give anything to have her back to a carefree tot without all these awful worries

Don’t Give Up – Peter Gabriel & Kate Bush

Because we can’t give up

All three pretty much stuck on a loop today.

¬†Judge not lest thee be smacked in the face by an irate mother.

Today was a crossfit rest day which made it a great day to borrow my mums dogs and head to the beach. I’m not working a great deal as I’m home schooling my daughter while she recovers from cancer. As part of that I’m trying to build her back up physically. No better way than strolling with pups especially along one of the most beautiful areas of coastline in the UK.

Oh but if only ever person we bumped into didn’t ask why she was off school, which is not too bad. The ones who really irritate me are the ones who talk amongst themselves about her absence from school, filled with tuts. Sheesh judgey much? 
Idiots aside it was a lovely walk followed by various not as interesting errands.

On a totally different note my mp3 player threw this tune at me at the way home. Forgot how much I loved this song and wow how gorgeous was this man! 

Adam Ant You’re Wonderful