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Poorly sick 

My husband works away, currently in Switzerland. This is not only generally a pain but also sometimes means he brings home exciting viruses. This he did last weekend and felt proper poorly. Now I have been felled with this Swiss/German cold and feel really rather lousy to be honest. So no CrossFit for me since Wednesday, or anything else non essential for that matter.

I’m trying really hard not to pass it on to the kids by obsessively hand washing and sneezing with my mouth closed. I swear I nearly lost an eyeball earlier. Speaking of which I’ve been sneezing so much my rib cage actually hurts, it hurts nearly as much as a time I bruised my ribs. Stoopid Swiss cold!

Fitness and function 

My body is where I live,

It’s who I am, it carries me and is me.

These hands held my husbands on the day we met, the day we married and thousands of times since.

My body was home to my children before they were born and nourished them after.

My arms held them as babes and hold them still when they stumble and fall.

My legs have carried me through good times and bad though they nearly buckled under me during the worst of times.

My feet put one step in front of each other during these times forever moving forward. Even if it is just a step.

I exercise for love, love of who I am, who I was and who I will be.

I love my body and all it has done for me.

I exercise not to change, not to control or fit another’s ideal but to be more of who I already am.

My body is not a fashion accessory.

Really lovely weekend

My migraine lifted in a couple of days thankfully which meant 3 days away from the box. It’s OK. I needed it. Plus it meant I was feeling lively when my husband arrived home this weekend. We didn’t do anything major just a few walks, hot chocolate at costa and a cinema trip today. But it was a really pleasant weekend and I enjoyed every minute together as a family. Of course that will make him leaving again tomorrow rotten. But such is life.

I even squeezed in a Crossfit session this morning. Rich had a thorough warm up for us followed by two WODs really, both team events. The first a plate lift and run. The second a reverse burpee, row and Kettlebell snatch. Three people working while one rested. I scaled and went light. Rich tends to kill me and weekends are important, I don’t want to end up unable to do anything else while my husband is here because I spent all my energy on the Sunday morning.

Hope you all had an equally lovely weekend 😀

A little blue

My husband works away 5 days a week. In fact he’s in a different country 5 days a week. I know a lot of couples for example military families have it worse. He at least gets home at weekends. But some weeks I miss him more than others. This is one of those weeks. 

Even dog has the blues.

“Hello Cat. Want to play?” “go way dog I’m sleeping” “oh” says dog and lies on the floor looking sad.