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My dad has enormous faith, that kind of totally unshakeable faith. Which I’m sure is actually pretty amazing. In fact there has been many a time when I wished I had the total knowledge that the big G had my my back. But I don’t. I simply don’t believe. It doesn’t make sense to me, all the suffering,wars hatred. The total absence of any big G signs. The killings in the name of, and I mean recent and historic, there isn’t a religion on earth who can claim there was no killing in the name of their particular flavour.

Anyhoo I try to avoid conversations on religion with my dad but today I had a bit of a bee in bonnet. My daughter had cancer this year, she is pretty much recovered but it makes zero sense to me and I’m damaged by the experience obviously so is she. Total existential crisis. Cancer in children makes no sense. My dad’s view is God cured her, I asked why he gave it to her in the first place. Of course the answer is he didn’t. It happened and he doesn’t intervene…um hang on. So if a bad thing happens it just happens, problem of evil, God doesn’t intervene. BUT if a good thing happens it’s God answering prayers. But only some people’s prayers, some children die. Their parents didn’t pray hard enough or something. 

I mean come on guys be consistent either God intervenes or doesn’t. It can’t be well in that case clearly God as all is well, in that other case Oh well shit happens. 

The same goes with signs from G, he doesn’t give them. Except when he does. But that’s different somehow.

Oh and all of this is a test of faith, to see if we are worthy. Which would if it were true be totally fair for the millennials to face the same “test” as those in say the 15th century. You know when the answer to everything was “God did it” because we basically understood nothing and science was unable to provide any explanation.

Don’t think that I don’t respect your right to have faith though. But understand I don’t have it. It simply makes no sense to me as a person. Telling me I should believe in something because you do is like saying my eyes should be brown because yours are. They aren’t and will never be.

Ok rant over.