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Looong day

I planned a fairly quiet day as I’m feeling very hormonaly lethargic. The plan was teach Pilates this morning then head off to Real Fitness for a PT session, cook the boys lunch and have a quiet afternoon with the puppy. However a phone call from the camp before I left for work rather shifted the day. My daughter was away at a camp on Holy Island and really wanted to come home. The organisers said I could talk to her at one and see what she wanted to do. When I phoned she was miserable and wanted to come home. So a daughter collection was thrown into the mix, followed by taking her to spend the spending money she would have spent had she stayed (if that makes sense). Followed by cooking then taking poor neglected puppy out for a walk in his fancy bag (disclaimer the boys had played with him during the day he hadn’t been totally abandoned).

So now it’s 9pm and I’ve sat down for the first time. Phew!

The PT session with Matt was great especially considering how unmotivated I felt today. We were working on squats and suprisingly I found the 30kg I had initially found impossible a couple of weeks ago to stand up from actually quite manageable. Perhaps progress is being made.

Anyway I’m off to cuddle a daughter and snuggle a puppy. Have a great Monday.