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Social media, it’s not real life. In fact it’s not even important.

I closed my Facebook about a week ago keeping messenger on which you can do now. It wasn’t a big deal, I just needed some extra peace and quiet. A few people I’m close to were having ridiculous public fall outs and it was draining. I don’t need any extra drain on my energy right now. To me the simple solution was to close my account, I could have simply logged out but I didn’t want posts left and people thinking I was ignoring them. So I shut down. To be honest I would rather not be on Facebook at all, but whenever I leave I end up with someone making me feel obligated to return.

To me social media is optional, it’s not important, it’s not actual interaction. We don’t need to use it. Yet we live in an age where it’s virtually an obligation. Leaving Facebook is seen as either a cry for help or a statement of some kind, it’s that much a part of our lives. For me it was neither, I’m simply conserving my energy, I’m avoiding the news at the moment for the same reason, we as a family have had a traumatic year and need to heal and regroup. Yet I had so many messages asking if I was ok or had de-friended someone I had to reactivate the account to make an announcement I was deactivating. God I hate such announcements and although I genuinely appreciate people’s concern it’s interesting that it’s the people who I don’t see in actual life who freaked out. That is part of the problem, we mistake Facebook for real interaction. It isn’t. At best it’s a bit of fun, at worst another obligation. The people I see or talk to on the phone know we are OK. It’s a funny old world we live in.