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This cat

Is called Arwen (yes we adopted her during the time the LOTR series of films were being released). 

She is a fiercely independent girl who spent most of her younger years outside hunting. She’s also my cat. Her choice, the other humans may live here but they aren’t her people. They literally aren’t allowed to do anything for her, to the point where a few years back I went away for work for a fortnight and she left home. Yup just left and lived outside. My husband and kids thought something awful had happened. She came home the evening I did as if nothing happened. She did it a few times after that when I was away, but less and less as she aged.

Then we got dog. Not impressed. She vanished for a week, came back saw he was still here and vanished again. That was a few weeks ago now, she and I came to the understanding she would live at home so long as she could  have my bedroom. WITH NO DOG. She’s likes this arrangement to the point where this morning she stood at my feet downstairs meowing until I took her upstairs and let her in. You can see above how happy she was.

Yes my cats have me well trained.

Yes still poorly no CrossFit.

Dead things

Since the puppy arrived one of our outdoor cats (Poppy in the picture) has started bringing him dead things. Small shrews and mice generally. Funny thing is she’s not even friendly with him. I guess she just thinks he’s too dumb to hunt for himself. I try to find them before he goes out but just saw her drop one for him. I had no chance it was munched and gone before I had a foot on grass. Um. Ewwwwwwww.  

Puppy walks 

Jaspers immunisations are all sorted now so he was allowed out walking! Hurrah!

His first walk was a Potter near the house, the next day a big adventure to the beach. DID NOT LIKE beach!

“Urgh, sand and water! Will you carry me please?”

Today was the woods. “Oh. My. God. How wonderful is this place? Can we come every day and bring the other two friends as well (my mums dogs)”

“I especially like the big Wolf one.”

A little blue

My husband works away 5 days a week. In fact he’s in a different country 5 days a week. I know a lot of couples for example military families have it worse. He at least gets home at weekends. But some weeks I miss him more than others. This is one of those weeks. 

Even dog has the blues.

“Hello Cat. Want to play?” “go way dog I’m sleeping” “oh” says dog and lies on the floor looking sad.

Poor puppy

Jasper had his second set of injections today as well as the kennel cough nasal spray. He felt very sorry for himself for a good while afterwards.  Thankfully he is just about back to normal now other than a little sharp yelp any time we touch the back of his neck.

Unfortunately his vet appointment coincided with the crossfit class so no CrossFit for me. I did however fit a really lovely yoga session in. Today I practiced Ashtanga standing followed by the first few back bends of 2nd series. It was glorious and very much needed. I’m so grateful I have yoga in my toolkit to compliment my crossfit training. 

Puppy is due at puppy class soon, hopefully he will feel up to it.