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Books books and more books

Pretty much all my time aside from essential things like work and making sure the kids don’t starve to death is spent revising currently. My GDL law exams are in under two weeks, my application for an LLM in Commercial Law is in, I just need to pass these darn exams.

Of course I did make it to the gym a little day, would be unthinkable otherwise. It stops me from seizing up through sitting too long. It wasn’t a major workout just 30 mins Ashtanga yoga followed by a barbell hang power clean, power clean, front squat and upright row complex x 8. Enough to feel like I moved today.

Charlotte made it into school yesterday morning but was too worn out today. She will be in for the morning tomorrow. It will take a while I think to build her back up.


No crossfit since Friday. On Saturday I was deliberately having a day off, on Sunday and Monday I was exhausted. Today it simply wouldn’t fit in. I have a PT session tomorrow with my favourite coach. In fact I have a whole load coming up bought for my birthday by my lovely family. I need to talk to him about the exhaustion aspect. It’s embarrassing to me, I wish my body was stronger but I’ve had more stress than I’ve ever had in my life this past year and have an immune dysfunction on top. As much as I believe in pushing myself I need to find a point at which I push that doesn’t leave me good for nothing for days after. I mean Sunday I literally spent the day in bed. We need to figure some kind of scaling. In PT sessions that’s easy but I need it in classes also as going 4 x last week killed me. He’s a good bloke and well trained, I’m sure he’ll get it.