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Just a quickie

PT session today:-

Bench press 27.5 kg 

Upright row 25 kg

Both of which felt really quite ok though there is a weakness in my right wrist that I need to be aware of as my right arm lags.

Then some Olympic weightlifting technique that I pretty much fluffed. Ah I’m still a beginner 😀

Bench press grrrrr

There is definitely something weirdly empowering about using weights. Particulary I find moves like the bench press. Maybe it’s all the years of watching films where guys bench press huge weights in gyms before beating up the bad guy (I pretty much only watch action, horror or world cinema).

As you may have guessed today was a bench press day, bench press and row. It was a PT session so it was all weights and no manic WOD (yey, yes I know the WODs are good for me). I began the bench press with just the 15kg bar 3 sets of 10 then weight was gradually added continuing at sets of 10. The highest I managed was 30kg (I think, it may have been 27). My heaviest upright row was 30.

What I find interesting is the different effects different workouts have on me while I’m dealing with low energy and quite probably a mild depression. The really cardio heavy ones leave me quite drained for the rest of the day. The weight based ones seem to give me energy for the rest of the day. No actual idea why nor any theory (which for me is unusual).