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Books books and more books

Pretty much all my time aside from essential things like work and making sure the kids don’t starve to death is spent revising currently. My GDL law exams are in under two weeks, my application for an LLM in Commercial Law is in, I just need to pass these darn exams.

Of course I did make it to the gym a little day, would be unthinkable otherwise. It stops me from seizing up through sitting too long. It wasn’t a major workout just 30 mins Ashtanga yoga followed by a barbell hang power clean, power clean, front squat and upright row complex x 8. Enough to feel like I moved today.

Charlotte made it into school yesterday morning but was too worn out today. She will be in for the morning tomorrow. It will take a while I think to build her back up.

Back againĀ 

I haven’t posted in months, the Cowden syndrome diagnosis in my daughter  was such a shock I didn’t have words. Ive kept up crossfit though throughout all of this, pretty consistently really. 

Anyway progress numbers, since I started blogging in August 

Back Squat was 30kg now 65kg 1rm

Deadlift was 30kg now 77kg 1rm

Strict press was 20kg now 30kg 1rm

So definite progress, I have torn the meniscus in right knee which is problematic and I’m focusing a lot on yoga to help with it. 

Study wise I’m almost at the end of my graduate law diploma, my exams are the end of May so a huge amount of my time is focused on that. 

My daughter is still recovering from everything she’s been through, it was such a lot for someone so young. She is very unwell, exhausted, anxious and catches every bug going. I wish I could do something to help her. 


I am in so much pain right now it’s just ridiculous. Every single joint is on fire, I don’t mean uncomfortable I mean I could weep pain. I know it will pass and in that way I’m lucky, some people are in chronic pain all the time. But when I’m in pain, exhausted and every little thing is struggle. Everything I would normally enjoy becomes a hellish task to simply endure until I can once again lie down. It becomes hard to not be despondent. This could last another week, two weeks, the longest a flare latest was 4 months. During that time I had no choice but to continue teaching, looking after the kids etc with every responsibility punctuated by bed rest. I plastered make up to disguise the look of exhaustion on and grinned broadly and didn’t mention being ill or in pain to anyone outside the house. The reality is people don’t actually want to know, they especially don’t want to know a yoga teacher can have a chronic illness. Even if that illness has no doubt made them a better teacher. I can’t imagine how immobile I would be with this going on if I didn’t practice yoga. Yes I practice when ill but gently, when well I amp it up. Either way it benefits me. 

Poor puppy

Jasper had his second set of injections today as well as the kennel cough nasal spray. He felt very sorry for himself for a good while afterwards.  Thankfully he is just about back to normal now other than a little sharp yelp any time we touch the back of his neck.

Unfortunately his vet appointment coincided with the crossfit class so no CrossFit for me. I did however fit a really lovely yoga session in. Today I practiced Ashtanga standing followed by the first few back bends of 2nd series. It was glorious and very much needed. I’m so grateful I have yoga in my toolkit to compliment my crossfit training. 

Puppy is due at puppy class soon, hopefully he will feel up to it.

Wood walk, yoga and oncologists

As I wasn’t crossfitting today husband and I went to the woods for a walk together.

 This was followed by a restorative Ashtanga primary :- long holds, jump backs only between asana groups.
Don’t have much more to say really as tomorrow is a check up with the oncologist for my daughter.  She’s having genetic screening done as well for Cowdens. I will talk about that another time. She’s really scared and cried herself to sleep on me. I hate her going through all this. She’s only 11, it’s seriously not fair. Life is a wanker sometimes.

First yoga practice with puppy!

I was going to go to crossfit but really wanted make that needed a decent yoga practice. Since we got Jasper I’ve practiced upstairs in the bedroom next to the bed. Which is really rather cramped. So I decided it was about time puppy learned to yoga.

I practiced a restorative primary series. Which was fun with puppy. Downward dog involved “got your ear, got your hair, got ear…KISSSSSSEEESSSS” and repeat. Jumping back was a strategy in not kicking puppy. Then his bed was dragged onto the mat 

Then it was outside for ten minutes to play with kids followed by running in to show me how wet he was

Asana wise it was way better than Monday. Monday I was recovering from Sundays crossfit and boy was I sore. Today forward bends felt delicious. My lotus and twists and shocking but they will return and generally it felt fantastic to properly stretch out. I need to practice the day after a recovery day more often as it’s great to bend when I’m not actually sore.

Ashtanga – back to the mat

I’m going to start with a puppy as after this point I will basically moan. Here’s puppy

Well shit that was difficult. I woke up very sore and very stiff after yesterday’s crossfit. The idea of moving at all was not really exciting. 

Anyway I brushed teeth and staggered straight onto my mat. It was just standing Asanas up to Parsvottonasana followed by any seated postures I felt I needed to move at all today.

I worked out that I did 80 burpees in total yesterday and around the same in Kettlebell swings plus five 5 mins of wall balls so um ow.

All the burpees meant that my wrist which is healing is rather more sore than its been for a while

Surya Namaskar A & B went forward bend ow ow ow. Step back as cat on the mat. Lie down rather than Chaturanga as wrist hurting. Budjapindasana (actually ok) down dog. Then stepping back over the cat (now in a different place, each time in a different place but always somewhere).

This cat. As soon as a mat is rolled out she’s on it.

Padangusthasana – pretty ok
Pada Hastasana – little stiff but alright 
Trikonasana – little slanted when holding toe
Parivritta Trikonasana – only finger tips on the ground rather than hand
Utthita Parsvakonasana – pretty ok

Parivritta Parsvakonasana – back heel off the ground (naughty heel)
Parsvottonasana – forward bend kinda shitty, hands just together 
Then a few seated Asanas, my marichis are totally gone, what once was an easy bind now is fingers not even in the same postal code. My back is stronger but stiffer.

Baddha konasana – literally nothing happening after all yesterdays wall balls.

Still it showed me I need to put a lot more effort into yoga as I’m getting stronger but that strength is eating into flexibility.