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Back again 

I haven’t posted in months, the Cowden syndrome diagnosis in my daughter  was such a shock I didn’t have words. Ive kept up crossfit though throughout all of this, pretty consistently really. 

Anyway progress numbers, since I started blogging in August 

Back Squat was 30kg now 65kg 1rm

Deadlift was 30kg now 77kg 1rm

Strict press was 20kg now 30kg 1rm

So definite progress, I have torn the meniscus in right knee which is problematic and I’m focusing a lot on yoga to help with it. 

Study wise I’m almost at the end of my graduate law diploma, my exams are the end of May so a huge amount of my time is focused on that. 

My daughter is still recovering from everything she’s been through, it was such a lot for someone so young. She is very unwell, exhausted, anxious and catches every bug going. I wish I could do something to help her. 

Cowden syndrome 

My daughters genetic results came back and she has cowden syndrome.  I’m devastated for her, I just don’t have words for it.

I’ve still been getting to the gym. Its just about the only time I don’t feel like crying. I’m so glad I have a programme so I can be there on my own and not have to communicate with people, that stupid “how are you?” “oh I’m good” because no one actually wants to know that my heart hurts so fucking much I could physically throw up. 

The actual programme is 3 days with the option of a 4th

Day one :-Strict press 

                    upright row

                    triceps dips

                    bicep curls 

Day two:- deadlifts 

                     front squats

                     walking lunges

                     air squats

Day three :- back squat

                        stiff leg deadlift

                         hanging knee raises

                         plank 4 x for up to 90 sec

Day four :- same as day one but push press

Today was day two, the early part of the week was appointments. It was the right thing to go today, to physically move but God I wish I had the equipment at home, I just can’t face other humans when I feel like my heart is breaking 

Fabulous class

Back to crossfit this morning. We started as always with a good warm up. Then it was strict press. As you may have noticed I love the weights. I started with a bar to warm up and worked up to 25 kg which I think is a little higher than the last time I strict pressed. I need to check.

After that it was WOD time a saucy little circuit consisting 2 mins wall balls, 2 mins rowing at full blast, 2 mins box jumps, 2 mins rope pull, 2 mins assault bike. Each with a min rest in between. It sounds easy. Was it hell. But as always tremendous fun. Love that place it’s such a laugh. 

Actually getting easier…no where even in orbit of easy but slightly easier!

The weights part today was strict press again 7 x 7 I was sort of sharing a rack with my daughter (I say sort of she was more leaning against the bar than lifting it 😂). It was simpler to lift and clean then to move her which meant I had a little additional move on top of the strict press. I used 22.5 and although not easy it felt manageable, it was like something in my brain has clicked and my body is starting to accept it’s capable of lifting moderately heavy stuff.

The WOD was Amraps 

9 v lifts

12 over head weight

10 wall balls 

With a 2 x 12 kg Kettlebell farmers carry every 2 min.

In all honesty I didn’t really push myself ridiculously through this as I have a PT session tomorrow and Olympic weightlifting. With 2 hours looming I wanted to keep a little in the tank!

Strict press…owie

It was a great class today and my middle son joined me which I always enjoy. I think it’s great for him to be involved in fitness classes with me. We started with a warm up followed by resistance training…the strict press, 7 x 7. Possibly my least favourite weightlifting move as it’s sheer strength without help from the legs. The heaviest I lifted was 22.5 kg I think the heaviest my lad lifted was 25 kg. Well done him!

The second part was a team Wod of row while the other two people either held a weight overhead or hung from a pull up bar. Kinda torture but also major fun. We lost to the other team by a couple of hundred metres on the rowing machine. We were not the bestest 😔. Fun anyway 😀

I didn’t feel quite as much like I was dying as I have in the past. Hopefully means I’m getting fitter and not that it was easier!