I am a forty something mother of three, yoga teacher, occasional law student and crossfit newbie. A little over weight and not terribly fit I found crossfit at a very dark moment this year (2016) when I was dealing with my daughters cancer. It became my therapy and in many is keeping me sane. I am pretty rubbish at it, usually the last or weakest but I don’t mind. For my birthday this year I asked all my family and friends for PT sessions to be paid for. That plus my membership means I have pretty much a year of crossfit coming up. Let’s see what happens..

*Edit* the rules of engagement are that I will attend at least 4 sessions a week, 2 of which will initially be PT sessions. I am not dieting as this is about fitness not weight loss, also it gives a chance to see the affect of crossfit alone. Of course I may add protein etc in to help recovery. I also aim to be able to practice a full Ashtanga primary series again by the end of the year. I’m following the method Nancy Gilgoff was taught with less jump backs other wise I may knacker my wrist again. 

The box I’m attending during this year is Real Fitness in Alnwick. Totally fabulous place with very highly trained coaches.